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Christa Lore Urban

Hello and Welcome... my internet home. Wander around the site and let me know how I can help you. I have a variety of services:

I provide Psychic readings, counseling, healing and educational services. Body, mind and spirit Holistic Health Support and Medical Intuitive Readings. Contact me if I can be of assistance. 

It is not all serious. I also do parties and events using my Psychic gifts and entertain. 

As a multifaceted reader and well educated teacher, I know I can help you today.

Ukraine Psychics Investigate Season 1

From my Bellesprit Magazine Column

Borderline Personality; The Drama Queen

Personality disorders are characterized by the behavior of the individual. My opinion is BPD is not an illness but a dysfunction related to environment, upbringing and spiritual disconnection. This is a disorder that is not treated with medication, our first clue that recovery will require the participation of the individual.



Anxiety, Are You Living In A Fear Based Reality?

Anxiety is a vague feeling of apprehension that results from a perceived threat to self. The mild form readies us to meet the stressful demands of life. It can motivate us to problem solving and constructive action. The severe forms interfere with daily activities and cause more stress. Anxiety can be immobilizing to coping skills...


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I love to use my skills as a psychic and entertainer to help your charity raise money. If you are looking for something fun and interesting for your fund raising parties I am happy to speak with you about how I do an event. Please email me if I can be of assistance for your organization.

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